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Seafood Treasures Table

Simple Books and Utensils that Will Meet All of Your Seafood Needs

We have all of your seafood utensils needs from wooden crab mallets ($4.95), metal crab crackers ($5.99), shrimp deveiners, ($3.99), and wood-handled Carolina oyster knives ($9.99).

Also seen on this display are books to help you with your seafood adventure including recipes with rice and crab, or shrimp which are on the menus of old Gullah restaurants.


Crabbing: A Low Country Family Tradition by Tilda Balsley, $18.99

A story about young boys learning from their grandfather about the coastal tradition of catching crabs on a saltwater creek. Additional material provides information about blue crabs as well as other wildlife. To round out the blue crab experience a delicious crab cake recipe is included.

Blue Crabs: Catch’Em, Cook’Em, Eat’Em by Peter Meyer $13.95

A well-illustrated guide to blue crabs and crabbing along the US East and Gulf Coast. It provides guidance on catching, cooking, picking, and eating crabs.

Crab: 50 Recipes by Cynthia Nima’s, $19.95

A collection of 50 tasty recipes that make the best use of East/West Coast crabs from Dungeness and Alaskan King to blue crab and stone crab. Beyond the recipes, the author offers background on crab species and information about seasonal harvest and sport crabbing.

Shrimp Tales: Small Bites of History by Beverly Bowers Jennings, $39.90

This book portrays the history of people, places, and boats of the commercial shrimping industry in the southern U.S. There are over 800 pictures and images. It is a story of community and culture. Recipes are provided by members of local shrimping families. All proceeds of the book go to the South Carolina Seafood Alliance.

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