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Roles of the Museum in America

The town clock on Front Street in Georgetown, SC
The Rice Museum. Photo credit: Marsh Deane

Museums are cultural institutions that play a vital role in preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting our collective heritage. These institutions provide access to the tangible and intangible aspects of our culture, from works of art to historical artifacts and scientific specimens. In America, museums serve as a crucial resource for education, entertainment, and community engagement. They also contribute significantly to the economy by generating jobs and tourism revenue.

The Importance of Museums

Preserving and Interpreting Cultural Heritage

Museums are responsible for preserving and interpreting our cultural heritage. They collect and protect artifacts, art, and documents essential to our understanding of history, science, and culture. By exhibiting these collections, museums help us understand the context and significance of these objects, providing a deeper understanding of our past and present.

Baseball team group photo
Carolina Forest High School's Baseball Team visits the Rice Museum

Educational Resources

Museums serve as educational resources for people of all ages. They provide opportunities for children and adults to learn about art, history, science, and technology through interactive exhibits, lectures, and workshops. Museums are an essential component of the educational landscape, providing experiential learning opportunities that complement traditional classroom instruction.

Members of Georgetown County enjoy tea
Events & Community | Gullah Tea

Community Engagement

Museums are hubs for community engagement, serving as places where people can come together to learn, share, and engage with each other. They provide a platform for social interaction, civic discourse, and cultural exchange, helping to build stronger communities.

Tourism and the Economy

Museums are a significant contributor to the economy, generating jobs and tourism revenue. They attract visitors worldwide, generating billions of dollars in economic activity each year. The economic benefits of museums extend beyond the institutions themselves, as visitors to museums also spend money on lodging, transportation, and other tourist activities.

Batik of boat, tree and seaside moon
Local Instructor & Artist: Karen Joyce

Inspiration and Creativity

Museums are sources of inspiration and creativity. They showcase works of art and other creative expressions that inspire people to think, imagine, and create. Museums provide a space for artists, designers, and other creatives to showcase their work and connect with audiences.

The Rice Museum was opened in 1970 as part of the South Carolina Tricentennial. The original site was composed of only 750 square feet in the Town Clock building in Georgetown, SC. As a small thematic museum, it was dedicated to the history of rice agriculture in Georgetown County, and its society, based on a single commodity. At that time, the museum shop was limited to a small corner.

Artist demo for class at easel
Instructor & Artist, Tammy Papa

In 2020 the Rice museum was celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Over the years it has expanded the exhibit space 10-fold, including a prominent location for the Rice Museum Shop and Prevost Gallery at 633 Front St., Georgetown, SC. In this beautiful 19th-century space, its visitors can browse our collection of unusual and unique, gifts, jewelry, home accents, books, and much more. Local craftsmen and artists are featured, as well as museum collections from around the world. All profits from the Rice Museum Shop and Prevost Gallery fund the programs of the Rice Museum.

Museums are essential institutions that play a critical role in preserving and interpreting our cultural heritage. They are educational resources that provide experiential learning opportunities for people of all ages. Museums also contribute significantly to the economy, generating jobs and serving as inspiration for the next generations.


Written By: Russ Bratcher |

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