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Book Signing: David L. Fordham

The Rice Museum invites you to a book signing on Saturday, August 20 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in the Prevost Gallery. Damon L. Fordham will be here to discuss his new book_The 1895 Segregation Fight in South Carolina. "In 1895, Senator Benjamin Tilman of South Carolina attempted to solidify his political power. He proposed to re-write the South Carolina Constitution to deny African-Americans their constitutional rights and make racial segregation the law of the state. Six black leaders went to the state capital in the face of insult and ridicule to make an eloquent stand against these developments. The erudite and forceful addresses of these men drew worldwide headlines but are largely forgotten today. Author Damon L. Fordham attempts to rectify that omission and inspire generations to come.

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