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(Pictured online first)

30"Height X 43" Circumference. x 13" Depth


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3–24" Height x 42" Circumference, 32" Circumference, 21" Circumference 

Depth varies.


Call the museum shop for details. (843) 546-7423


A Note on Variations

Due to the artisanal nature of every piece, there may be natural and unique variations and imperfections in color and shape. 



Workers experienced in growing rice in western Africa continued using the same oversized wooden mortar and pestle when obliged to clean rice in Carolina. Once the husks had been pounded loose, they were separated from the grains by tossing the rice in large, flat, African-style winnowing baskets woven from palmetto leaves. The wind carried away the loosened stems and husks. The workers then returned the rice to the mortar and pestle and polished the grains with the pestle's broad, blunt end.

Mortar and Pestle

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