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Each bag is 24 ounces.


Gluten-Free / Non-GMO


Perfect for Rice Grits or Risotto
Andy's Charleston Gold Rice Grits is firm-textured, aromatic rice, with a wholesome, nutty flavor. Rice Grits are rice kernels that are broken during milling and have been favored by South Carolina's Lowcountry cooks for centuries. The smaller kernel makes rice grits creamy, with a similar texture to grits or risotto. 


Our Process: 
Unlike modern rice that is often grown in sandy clay and harvested from multiple growers, we grow our rice in peaty fields that are mineral and nutrient rich.  We’re close enough to the ocean to flood our fields by the motion of the tides, but far enough inland to receive natural freshwater river irrigation which makes for delicious rice and a more sustainable farming method.  We also use traditional rotational crop methods as part of our land stewardship program.  After the harvest, the rice is dried and kept in its husk to maintain freshness. As needed, it is cleaned and milled in small batches. It is minimally processed and polished to ensure no flavor is lost. The bags are heat sealed to further preserve freshness. 


After opening, please refrigerate or freeze for optimal flavor. The rice will keep for years in the freezer but we guarantee it won’t last that long once you start cooking with it.

Andy's Charleston Gold Rice Grits

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