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Aaron Baldwin, Printmaker
Aaron is from McClellanville, South Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Terri, a respected interior designer. He has been teaching art and design at Charleston Southern University for 20 years, and has been exhibiting paintings, sculptures and prints for over 30 years. Two of his paintings are held in the State Art Collection of South Carolina.

Aaron spends much of his free time hiking and paddling through the beautiful landscape of the Lowcountry, so it is not surprising that “nature” would be a primary subject in his work. He is currently focused on the medium of printmaking, making linocuts and woodcuts that celebrate this beautiful region. Aaron is from the famous Baldwin family of McClellanville. His father is William “Billy” Baldwin – noted author and poet.

About the Prints
The term “print” can be a bit confusing in the context of art because we often use it to describe manufactured reproductions of paintings. Prints as original works of art, are something different. All of the Aaron Baldwin prints at the Rice Museum are hand-pulled relief prints. This means that the artist carved an image into a block of wood or sheet of linoleum, rolled it with ink, and manually cranked it through a press. These works are limited editions, as indicated by the numeric fraction written below each image. For example, if the print is signed 6/25, it means that it is the 6 th print pulled in an edition of 25.


Note: Framed options are available. Please contact the museum shop for details. Size of print: 18 X 24 inches. 

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