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Black History Good Reads

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Come and browse through our selection of books that explore the historical contributions of African heritage and culture.


  • Ramona La Roche, Black American Series for Georgetown County

  • Steve Williams, Ebony Effects and 24 Extraordinary people who made a Difference

  • Damon L. Fordham, True Stories of Black South Carolina

  • Robert Insley, Renty’s Bell

  • Barnwell, Black, Shaw, Campbell, Gullah Days - Helton Head Islanders

  • Before the Bridge

  • Ford and other authors of McKenzie Beach

  • Sandy Island, Forever, a collaboration of essays and images


  • We Lived in a Little Cabin in the Yard

  • On Jordan’s Stormy Banks, Voices of Carolina Slave Children, Before and After Freedom

  • Renty’s Bell, The Freedom Ship of Robert Smalls, Praying to be Set Free

  • Blacks in Georgetown County and South Carolina

  • Ebony Effects

  • Black American Series Georgetown County

  • 101 African Americans Who Shaped South Carolina

  • Voices of Black South Carolina

  • 24 Extraordinary people who made a difference


  • Gullah Culture in America

  • Africanisms and the Gullah Dialect


  • Sweetgrass Baskets and the Gullah Tradition

  • The Carolina Rice Kitchen - The African Connection

  • Black Rice

  • Rice and Slaves

  • Gullah Days

**All pictures that were used for each book had the author featured on them.

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