Accessories – the Unusual and Unique

We draw on Museum collections around the world for our accessories.  Please call the Museum Shop (843) 546-7423 for more information on any item pictured.

Metal Emu Statue

Emu Statue made of 100% re-cycled metal. 5 1/2 feet tall; $269

Rocky Mountain Rustic

Each Rocky Mountain Rustic piece began its journey over a hundred years ago as a cedar fence post, planted in the soil of ranches and fields across the early American West.  Many homesteaders fenced their property with native cedar – naturally weather-hardy and insect-resistant – leaving behind a treasure trove of material for me to craft into art pieces for your home or office.  Each duck and fish is a unique piece of history.  Tim Bergren, Artist.  Priced from $99 to $229.

Venetian Glassware

The Rice Museum’s Venetian Glassware collection was created by Giordana Naccari in her Venetian studio on the island of Murano.  Naccari is a versatile,  progressive designer who is known for her bright colors and ample use of precious metals in the creation of her glass pieces.  A strong, modern sense of design and movement further imbue her work with a timeless quality.  $99 each.

Ceramic Flower Vases

Ceramic Townhouse Flower Vases – 8″ to 12″ tall; $19.95 – $34.95

Marble Turtles

Marble Turtles; 3″ to 8″ long – $7.95 – $27.95.  Large (12″ – not shown) – $129.95

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