Shannon Murphy

Shannon Murphy  graduated  from Andrews High School in 1983.  After high school he worked for a Radio station in Georgetown then moved to Tallahassee, Florida and the Florida Banking School of the University of Florida, graduating in 2005.   He enjoyed a career in finance while raising a family.  In 2015 he returned to Georgetown to help care for his parents.  It was during this time that he became interested in the antique bricks he’d find in piles around town, and learned that the unique bricks had been ballast in ships coming into Georgetown Harbour.  He was inspired to try to save the historic bricks that date back to the 1800’s and that would otherwise have been discarded and lost to history.

He was intrigued with the bricks as a palette – but discovered that paint did not stick to the rough surface of the brick.  That is when he started painting on pieces of tin, rusted and otherwise, and attaching the tin pieces to the brick, creating small collages.  Shannon says “This process ensures that no two pieces are alike, and I always try to make the next one better.”  Shannon currently works from his home on Duke Street in Georgetown.  Antique decorated bricks are priced from $40-$50.