Jane Crossman

crossmanheadshotI started “playing” with clay in 1991 while taking classes at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, Connecticut.  These classes covered all the basics – throwing on the wheel, hand building and glazing.  In 1995, I applied and was elected to be a member of the Studio Potters at the Creative Arts Workshop.  My responsibilities for this volunteer position included hours of studio work weekly assisting in keeping the work flow of over 100 students moving through the process.  It was a major learning opportunity.  I kept this position for 16 years and always and even now when working with clay, am instantly transported to a centered, calm peace of mind.

Since moving to South Carolina in December, 2013, I have been working with a local clay that is dug in Bethune, SC and clays from North Carolina.  I have been firing in an electric kiln to cone 6, which is approximately 2250 degrees F.

My personal philosophy is simple:  I make functional ware that serves a purpose and while serving that purpose, the user handles the piece and appreciates the craft and the beauty.  My sculptural work is to make  objects that give the recipient enjoyment.  Derived form nature around me, I make what I love – birds, fruit, flowers, frogs, fish, etc.

My mind set when I work is best described by this quote by Carl Jung:  “Creation is not accomplished by intellect.  Creation arises from the play instinct. Driven by an inner necessity, the creative mind then plays with the dreams and objects it loves.”