Out of Africa
Much of the technology used in rice culture in the South Carolina Lowcountry came from West Africa.  So we like to support our tribes. Please call the Museum Shop (843) 547-7423 for more information on these items.
East African Banana Fiber Art

East African artisans fashion strips from the leaves of banana palms into baskets, boxes and whimsical creatures.  Creating banana fiber art provides a sustainable and ecologically friendly source of income for rural Kenyan and Ugandan artisans.  Pictured 12-piece nativity in its own box – $49.95

Kapula Candles

Packages of 2 candles; slow, even-burning; $19.95

Kapula Candles is located in a small community in southernmost South Africa.  Using traditional methods, the candles are hand-poured, hand-painted and hand-packaged.  A donation from each sale goes to support Save the Rhino.

African Mudcloth

Mud cloth is a handmade Malian cotton fabric. The cloth is dyed with a type of mud that has been stored and fermented for many months.  The traditional production process begins with pre-soaking the fabric in boiled leaves of a native tree which turns the cloth yellow.  After drying, designs are stenciled into the cloth with wood pieces and the cloth is dyed with the fermented mud.  Once the mud touches the cloth, a chemical reaction takes place which permanently dies the cloth and allows the color to stay even after washing the cloth of mud and dirt.  Lastly, the yellow leaf dye is bleached off, creating strong contrasts between the remaining white sections of the cloth and mud-dyed sections.

Usually patterned with historical or mythological references (the crocodile is a common theme), or traditional cultural proverbs, the fabric is believed by the Malian people to absorb evil spirits and bad forces, and is used accordingly in various ceremonies and rituals, including for hunting and childbirth.

Spirit Dolls by Zenobia

Designed and made by Zenobia Harper exclusively for the Rice Museum. Varying heights -each one is unique.  Prices start at $250






Moroccan Market Baskets

8″ wide x 12″ high x 5″  – $29.95

10″ wide x 14″ high x 5″ – $39.95

12″ wide x 17″ high x 7″ – $49.95

Stone Animals

3″ to 12″ high; 3″ – 6″ long

made of Soapstone, in Swaziland

$5.95 – $29.95

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