Global Feast Cookbook – Recipes from Around the World

This book will transport you around the world with its unique collection of 350 very special family heirloom recipes.  Use them to recreate favorite foods your grandmother used to make, or to experience an exotic dish for the very first time.  Savor the aromas, flavors, and even the ambience of an era gone by, while catching a glimpse of intriguing cultures.  Hundreds of anecdotes, histories, family photographs, and illustrations combine to create Mystic Seaport’s most readable cookbook ever.

Mystic Seaport Museum Stores, 1994; Spiral-bound Paperback; 254 pages; $16.95

101 Things To Do With Rice

Steamed, fried, or baked:  long-grain, wild, brown, or sticky.  With so many different varieties and even more ways to serve it, you can enjoy rice for lunch, dinner and dessert.  By Donna Kelly and Stephanie Ashcraft.


Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2015; Spiral-bound Paperback; 128 pages; $9.99

Mystic Seaport Seafood Secrets – Volume Two

Encore, encore…recipes from Mystic Seaport members

When time is of the essence, keep fish in mind.  A great  number of these seafood secrets enable you to have dinner on the table in under a half-hour (even the pizza wouldn’t be delivered that quickly!)  Pair up with one of our fabulous side dishes, work a little of Neptune’s magic, and enjoy a memorable homemade dinner in a flash.  Sally Fisher’s whimsical illustrations are again throughout the book.

Mystic Seaport Museum Stores, 1998; Spiral-bound Hardback; 253 pages; $18.95

Mystic Seaport Seafood Secrets Cookbook

Remember the ancient Chinese proverb that insists,, “A wise man eats well.”  The modern Chinese proverb now says, “A wise man eats fish.”  So update your cooking and dining experience with this tempting collection of over 400 seafood recipes.  From simple to elegant, share these dishes at cocktail parties, luncheons, picnics or buffets…both ashore and afloat.  Featuring a delectable repertoire of family favorites amusingly illustrated by Sally Caldwell Fisher.

Mystic  Seaport Museum Store, 2014; Spiral-bound; 245 pages; $18.95

The Essentail Scratch & Sniff Guide – Wine

Richard Betts, one of the world’s leading authorities on wine, helps you get smart by introducing you to wine’s basic components – the fruit, the wood, the earth, the other – so you can scratch and sniff your way to learning what you like and why.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, 2013; $19.95

Seeking the Historical Cook – Exploring 18th-Century Southern Foodways

seekinghistoricalSeeking the Historical Cook is a guide to historical cooking techniques from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century recipe books and an examination of how those methods can be used in kitchens today.  Designed for adventurous cooks and “foodies,” this volume is rich with photographs, period images, and line art depicting kitchen tools and cooking methods.  Kay Moss invites readers to discover traditional receipts and to experiment with ancestral dishes to brighten today’s meals.

University of South Carolina Press, 2013; Paperback; 6″ x 9″; 274 pages; $24.95

Pass the Pilau, Please

 passpilauRice History, Rice Planting & Rice Recipes of the South Carolina Low Country

In Pass the Pilau, Please  (Jim Fitch’s second publication after Desired Effect) the story of rice is broadened to include a comprehensive short history of this wonderful grain and the impact it has had on the world.  the presentation is enlivened with rice recipes from many different cultures.  It demonstrates how versatile, basic and universal a dish of rice is.

Sheriar Press, 2015; Paperback; 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2 “; 53 pages; $16.95


Desired Effect


In commemorating Jim Fitch’s 40th year as Executive Director, the Rice Museum is pleased to announce the 2nd printing of his popular cookbook, Desired Effect.  That phrase, which became the tag at the end of each column written for the Coastal Observer newspaper, had the practical purpose of letting the reader know how the recipe was supposed to turn out.  It soon took on a different role as it became evident that cooks were only a part of the audience for the column.  People who swore they couldn’t boil water were among those who waited most eagerly for each issue.  While these articles can tell you how to cook, they will also show you the power of food  to shape our lives for a desired effect that is often quite different from the sum of the ingredients.

Sheriar Press, 2015; Paperback; 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″;  86 pages; $16.95

Potluck from Pawleys

Timeless Recipes from the Golden Age of Pawleys Island as Served at the Old Cassena Inn – Gladys Hiott and Mena Hope – Proprietors 1954 – 1972.

Originally published in 1974.  Re-published with new cover in 2008

“Only two properties remain on Pawleys that provide lodging and food – the Pelican Inn and the Sea View Inn.  I visited Sea View several summers ago as a guest of the owner.  Approaching the Inn from the road, I faintly heard the familiar sounds of tinkling glass and silverware, the hubbub of the guests, and finally, the aroma of freshly cooked food.  I found myself enveloped in a wave of memories that immediately transported me back to the days of the Cassena, when it was a central gathering place on Pawleys for good food and hospitality.” – the Publisher

Spiral-bound; 115 pages; 6″ x 9″; $9.95

Pullin’ Pots

Southern Blue Crab Recipes & Lowcountry Lore

Southern Blue Crab Recipes & Lowcountry Lore

No one embodies the spirit of the coastal Southeast more than Pat Branning, the consummate storyteller and go-to food and lifestyle expert.  For this book, she offers up a feast of options for serving the South’s esteemed blue crab and introduces you to her talented friends along the way.

2016; 100 pages; 9″ x 9″; $29.95